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Friday, September 18th 2015
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POEMS features

smartSAFE helps you execute your shares based on the condition, , without having to be in front of your computer continuously, so "take profit" and also "stop loss" can be set beforehand.
smartSAFE will be stored in our server. If you activate the Good Till Submitted feature, smartSAFE can be kept active until 30 days calendar, even though the computer is shutdown and no internet connection.

Now, smartSAFE automatically submit for all your shares. SmartSAFE, more user friendly and available on multiple platforms, from low-end mobile phone to the PC-tablet Android and iPad.

With smartSAFE on Poems, You can enjoy trading with more flexible time, no need to reside in front of your monitor, and You can log off / switch off PC after submit the conditional order and do your other activities. There is two type of conditional order, Time Based and Price Based

POEMS with computerized on-line trading system, allowing the investors a dynamic and high mobility to directly monitor and execute their own transactions without being limited by space and time.

Benefit of POEMS

  • Web based
  • SmartSAFE
  • Equity
  • Local/Foreign
  • Research
  • Secure
  • Live price
  • Real time trading
  • Direct order
  • Account Management
  • Chart
  • Stock Watchlist
  • Direct Trading / Advtrade

  • POEMS is the internet trading platform which can provide flexibility for investors to make transactions of shares in various places in the world anywhere.

    Investors can monitor price movements going on in the stock.

    Information that can be seen including bid, ask, last, open, high, low, close, market depth, line 10 volumes, Gainers, losers, running trade. POEMS also provide facilities for investors to make a list or grouping of stocks that an investor choice, namely Watchlist.

    Account Management
    Investor can monitor:
    Outstanding position, portfolio value, Realized /  unrealized profit, Historical financial, Historical transaction.

    Risk Management
    Hair Cut / percentage deduction when the asset value of shares pledged as collateral, to know the level of risk of a stock.
    Reduce Risk
  • Short sell
  • Over trading
  • Error Transaction
  • POEMS also provide intraday and historical charts with various indicators Moving Average, Moving Average Convergence / Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Stochastic and Financial Statement.

    Hightech Hightouch

    We believe Hightouch Hightech is an important means of participation in support of on-line trading. For that we not only provide a system of high-tech deals only with on-line trading as POEMS, POEMS PRIMA (mobile application) and POEMS Mobile Web Based, we also continue to serve the trade in conventional ways (telephone), and customer care is always ready help and serve you.

    Recomendation System

  • Pentium III or above
  • Internet Leased Line atau Broadband connection
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or above
  • Windows XP or above