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Friday, September 18th 2015
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Poems - Mobile Web

Poems - Mobile Web

Poems - Mobile Web, a service that utilizes the power of wireless technology, for your convenience, the investors who are always dynamic. Now you can invest in the stock market with ease in transaction services in Indonesia Stock Exchange. Enjoy the convenience to get the latest price information, order status and your trade data to Account Management, simply by using mobile devices. You can also use SmartSAFE feature on POEMS.

Benefit of Poems - Mobile Web :
  • Flexibility
    With your mobile device, Poems - Mobile Web provides the ability and flexibility to transact on the Indonesia Stock Exchange even if you're overseas.
  • Easy and Comfortable
    Trading has never been easier. You can access the information shares your mainstay and transact with your mobile devices without being limited space and time.
  • Safety
    Each input is entered through Poems - Mobile Web on-encryption technology SSL 128-bit encryption.
  • Real time trading
    You can follow the price development Addons real time and enter the order, whether buying or selling of any stock traded on the Stock Exchange in Indonesia immediately, without going through intermediaries.
  • Watchlist
    With the price was updated you can freely make as many as 5 Addons watchlist which consists of stocks of your choice to easily monitor the movement of stock prices that occurred. All Addons watchlist in Poems - Mobile Web including synchronization with Addons Watchlist that you have created on your POEMS account.
  • Order Status
    You can monitor the status of all your orders and can make changes in price or quantity, or to cancel your order still open.
  • Account Information
    You can see the position of outstanding you in detail, the position of the portfolio, historical data and historical transaction your finances.