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Friday, September 18th 2015
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Poems Pro Trader
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PT Phillip Securities Indonesia's customer can access / to perform all activities related to stock transactions, and even through POEMS PRIMA is installed on the mobile phone, PDA or Blackberry, clients can execute orders or see a live price and other data in real time.
Now comes POEMS ProTrader , a new online trading application from PT Phillip Securities Indonesia specifically developed to facilitate the customers in dealing with the concept of high tech high touch as well as some advantages like never before in online trading earlier.

POEMS ProTrader Excellence

Application Based
An application on-line trading by using drag and drop method which is installed on the computer-based Windows Operating System.

Smart Order
Customers do not need to constantly be in front of the monitor. This facility gives the flexibility to enter orders to determine a customer's suit conditions. When the desired order is determined criteria, then the system will automatically forward the order to the trading engine in the BEI.
Thus there is every chance that either will not be lost when doing order to buy, sell and cut losses. This facility can show some Smart Order.

Smart Order Condition choices
A. Price and Volume Based
Customers can enter orders to buy or sell based on price Last Done, the purchase price (Best Bid) and price (Best Offer) which the price can be changed into a higher, lower even as the share price you want.Could also be added to the condition of volume buying or selling a customer's liking.

B. Time Based
Customers can determine their own when buying or selling order will be sent to the Stock Exchange trading engine.

Lock Application
Serves as a safety while customers are not in front of the computer and after relogin, ProTrader no longer process the data from the beginning.

Realtime Order Status Inform the status of existing orders are live with the filter's ability to display the Open Order, Trade Done or amended / Withdrawn / Rejected.

Customized Workspace
There are 3 types of workspace layout with positions that can be regulated and modified easily by drag and drop facility and stored according to customer desires.

Multiple Order Book
This facility can show some Order Book as you wish with Level 10 facility. Que to inform the number of queues in order to have IDX on purchasing volume would also sell.
Right click facilities on the desired price can be directly used to call the order form (buy / sell), so the order form completely and immediately fill the customer can simply enter the desired number of shares in the lot.

ProTrader Chart equipped with a variety of indicators of time intervals that can be tailored to the needs analysis for customers who appear live. Time interval option from minutes to hours can be adjusted.

Multiple Filtered Running Trade
3 pieces available Running Trade with the ability to do different filters on each Running Trade. Filters can be determined based on the Stock, Broker, or both. As in the example image below: Running Trade Broker 1 using filters, Running Trade 2 with no filters, and Running Trade 3 using filters "Stock".

Multiple Withdraw
Customer can Withdraw simultaneously on all orders or more order options.

Multiple Window
POEMS ProTrader enables customers to view the workspace of more than 1 monitor. Customers can view some New Window or the monitor. This function can be found on the Tools menu, New Window. Thus, customers can monitor and obtain more detailed information at the same time.

Divided into 3 submenus, By Broker, explains historical brokerage transactions in the prescribed period, By Stock, explain historical transactions conducted a stock broker in a given period (netbuy / netsell) and Trade Summary, describes the total volume of events (trade done) at each price in a stock.

Adjustable Display
For all table / form, type and font size can be adjusted to customer desires. While for Running Trade, using a separate font settings. Background color can be adjusted.a

Other Features Poems ProTrader
- Trading Info (Stock Holding, Trade List, Net Summary, Previous Day)
- Market Info (Running Trade, Incoming Order, Wacthlist, Top Position, Indices, Market Trade, Margin Info)
- Analysis (By Broker, By Stock, Trade Summary)
- News
- Account Management (Outstanding Position, Portfolio View, Realized Profit, Transaction History, Financial History, export to Excel)
- Contact Us (Payment Confirmation, Cash Withdrawal, KSEI Form, - Feedback)
- Sort Header
- Various Right Click
- Various Filters (Order Status, Broker, Stock)
- Style (Dark Theme, Medium Theme, Bright Theme)