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Friday, September 18th 2015
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  Investment in Stocks ? Why ?  

in Stocks ? Why ?

After we know about the profit and some risks in stock, why we still want to invest in stock ?
Here are some reasons why doing investment in stocks :
1. small capital : relatively small capital
The minimum deposit for stock's investment is 10 million rupiahs, the cost is lower than opening a sales counter for 2x3 at mall.

2. Place : it is so flexible, you can do it anywhere
Do investment in stock anywhere as long as your computer/laptop/smartphone have internet connection

3. Time : It is so flexible, anytime

No limited time, if Indonesia Stock Exchange was closed, then investor can do transaction in other Asia Stock Exchange or America or Europe Stock Exchange. If all the exchanges were closed, spend your time to analyze your stocks, so when the market is open, you are able to order.

4. Risks: minimize

Risks could be related with the amount of capital to be invested. When the capital is very limited, then the risk also very limited. The risks could be depend on the level of investor's stocks knowledge. The bigger level knowledge results minimum risks.
For trial, investors could do free simulation in real time data through internet.

5. Profit : Unlimited profits.

There are so many sad story about stocks, but there are also some people who makes big profit in stocks exchange.

(source : Investasi Saham Aman & Menyenangkan - Doni Prabawa)


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