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Friday, September 18th 2015
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Corporate Finance
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Corporate Finance

Offers & provide services to the public as follows :

provides services in the field:

  • Initial Public Offering/IPO
    A description of the process of going public with the provisions that must be met, coordinating with the profession and the capital market supporting institutions, the filing of the Registration Statement to Bapepam-LK, public exposure, public implementation of Public Offering (Initial Public Offering) and the recording of stock / bond on the Stock Exchange (listing).
  • Right issues
    A description of the methods of corporate actions that should be done, type, amount and price of securities to be offered, coordination with related institutions, implementation and monitoring of corporate actions for securities trading activities are on the Exchange before and after implementation of the corporate action.

Corporate Finance Advisory
provide advice in the field :

  • Debt Restructuring
    Includes analysis of the problems faced by firms, provide alternative solutions to debt restructuring that can be used and to find investors or strategic partners who are interested in the company.
  • Private Placement
    Coordinate the company that needs financing to companies that have the funds.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
    Find and bring together candidates who meet the criteria for corporate merger or acquisition and provide opinions or advice on the transaction scheme and its impact on finances.